As Big Data grows in popularity, constant innovations are being made to tailor solutions for various industry verticals. And EOH has been innovating and formulating ideas for our own clients in order to bring them into the future with the help of Big Data and Analytics.



Which Industries Benefit the Most from Big Data?


The fact of the matter is, there is no one industry that benefits more when utilising Big Data analytics tools and applications. It all comes down to how the solutions are tailored to your business or industry.


Some examples of great successes with Big Data analytics tools include:


  • Fraud Detection – Platforms can monitor and analyse claims and transactions, and identify large-scale patterns across numerous transactions, or detect anomalous behaviour from individual users.


  • Industry – Big Data enables analytical modelling and sustainable judgement creation that can be used to analyse and consolidate information from numerous sources. This includes geographical and graphical information, as well as manuscript and chronological statistics.


  • Retail Analytics – Retail stores can accurately measure their foot traffic, see which areas of their stores shoppers prefer, determine customer demographics, and monitor stock levels. This allows them to tailor marketing efforts and improve bottom lines.



Introducing Aquaduct


Having developed our own bespoke product, Aquaduct, on the Apache Stack, The EOH Innovation Lab provides analytics as a service for the Internet of Things. Aquaduct can live stream and perform advanced analytics on any connected devices.


This allows our customers to outsource many aspects of their big data requirements to EOH without the need for massive capital outlays. So, whether it is a bank that is assessing fraud, or a manufacturing plant that needs to monitor pipe pressure in a complex supply chain, The EOH Innovation Lab’s services can prove invaluable.


Should clients want to keep this function insourced, they can purchase the Aquaduct product from EOH directly. We believe that Aquaduct is the premier live streaming Big Data and Analytics product and is supported around the clock by our team of experts.


To find out more about Aquaduct, or any of EOH’s other services and products, contact us.