Future Economies Caucus

EOH Hosted OYW Future Economies Caucus

First In person event since 2019 for the SA OYW Ambassador community

  • A proudly EOH event hosted for the OYW SA Ambassador community, at our Waterfall Offices Midrand.
  • 50 In person ambassadors attended.
  • The panel discussion and keynotes for the Future Economies and SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth were livestreamed across the OYW Global Social Media platforms and EOH.
  • Action hour held in partnership with Rise Against Hunger.
  • 10 000 meals packed for food insecure communities by guests at the EOH Waterfall offices.

Recycling Office Waste

Recycling Office Waste at Source

Custom EOH Recycling units for Gauteng Hubs

  • Recycling at the source in our EOH offices.
  • Changing behavior for waste from plastic and paper consumption with EOH employees at our office.