EOH should
be your next
career move.

Here’s why

There’s more to life than work, and we know that. Times have changed and so have we. That’s why we’re the perfect fit if you’re looking to make a work transition that will change your life. In a good way.

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We prioritise people by enabling career growth

At EOH every single specialisation – from business analyst to project manager and software engineer – has the opportunity to evolve into the best version of themselves professionally and together we will plot a career trajectory that leads to your greatness.

Whether you want to upskill, cross-skill or specialise at EOH , you’ll have access to mentorship and competency centres, along with world-class training and qualification opportunities, internally and through our partners.

Have you heard about RiseUp Academy?

As part of our commitment to assist employees with growth opportunities to remain relevant as we continue redefining our new world of work, we recently launched a smart reskilling/upskilling programme.

In collaboration with Bookboon Learning and EOH, the RiseUp Academy is available to every employee at every level to learn new skills and switch on a personal growth mindset.

We focus on:
The role of training and development in building out careers and strengthening life resources for our people
Equipping people with the skill-sets to adapt to a hybrid world of remote and in-person working.


We want to make transformation exciting

Old ways won’t open new doors, but change shouldn’t be scary. Be part of the team that educate and advise our clients on the best way forward, transforming their environment and helping them to bring technology’s promises to life in their business in very real ways.


We are an equal opportunity employer who takes equality seriously

We want to play our part in addressing the injustices of the past by creating skills development and career opportunities for people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they can unlock their true potential.

We believe strongly in building a safe culture and working environment that is free from discrimination and based on equality, mutual respect and genuine collaboration.


We are all about a flexible working environment, client-dependent

We know that some people do their best work out of the office. That’s why we encourage a flexible arrangement where you can work from home or access office space to collaborate face-to-face with team members. This WFH flexibility varies depending on the client/project you’re involved in.


We believe in making a difference by solving problems, fast.

We love a challenge and so we regularly come together for solvathons, where we attempt to address complex issues in a short amount of time. Whether it’s fixing a client problem, or changing the world, you’ll have a safe space to hone your problem-solving skills, share ideas and get involved in making them a reality.