Road to Green


Road to Green

The ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi involves restoring pottery by piecing together the broken parts and replacing what’s missing using golden lacquer.  The result is something that is unique, stronger and more sustainable.  A fitting analogy for the process and principles that EOH leadership applied to repair a business that was in peril in order to build an ethically sound and sustainable business, and save thousands of South African jobs.  It symbolises our journey towards building a strong GRC framework for EOH.

This is our story.


Our IP Solutions

At EOH our technology and solutioning mindset, embedded within a business framework, compelled us to create a GRC-as-a-service ecosystem. This ecosystem allowed us to strengthen our business through our key GRC control platforms, giving rise to efficient, optimal and transparent business processes.

Our Cerebro platform accelerates digital transformation, specifically in the field of governance, risk and compliance. It is a low-code/no-code process orchestration platform that gives anyone the power to easily automate workflows and manage business processes with no coding skills required. We offer preconfigured GRC form and workflow templates along with white labelled training content covering the important aspects related to governance and compliance.

Impression logo

Impression and its people aspire to build products that are easy to use, based on open standards and are inexpensive. We endeavour to create an environment that delivers on the benefits of paperless signing for everyone, no matter their device of choice. We are committed to helping companies embrace the way customers want to experience products in the digital age. To achieve this, we provide omni-channel, digital document delivery and signature solutions that make the customer journey both effortless and seamless.

The ExposeIT anonymous reporting app has become the world’s leading whistleblowing platform for several reasons, namely it is 100% anonymous and does not store any personal information, it’s ease of use via mobile phone allows for the upload of documents including videos and photos and the stores a full audit trail providing management with a reporting dashboard.
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CORE is an automated, cloud-based, interactive, and robust system designed to include governance best practices and enable a seamless interaction for employees to purchase all their work-related IT equipment through an IT procurement marketplace. It is fast, fully automated, and fully secured. Advanced workflows manage the processes, from availability of products, to ordering, to approvals to delivery.


The road to green

EOH Group CEO Stephen van Coller
sums up the group’s governance risk and
compliance journey.

Where talent meets technology

EOH Risk Officer Fatima Newman’s insights on EOH’s GRC journey are relevant for all organisations.

Making technology work for you

Adriaan Kruger, founder of Nuvoteq unpacks the Solutions that make up the GRC-as-a-service ecosystem.


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Complimentary Solve Consultation

Complimentary Solve Consultation