One of our own, Matthew Rosenberg, represented EOH at the OYW summit in London last month. His experience of the sense of community the summit brought left him feeling inspired: “What stuck out for me throughout the first day at OYW was the ease in which I could move across the London and the feeling of safety whilst doing so. The efficient public transport and high levels of public safety provide so many opportunities to all who live, work and visit this city”. He went on to say that we as EOH are well placed through our expertise and technology to focus on delivering public safety and smart city initiatives for South Africa.

At the Young Leadership Alliance forum a panel consisting of Kelly A. Lovell, Marlou Cornelissen, and Andrew Bacon, discussed how our communities become villages of family and peers where building these communities with values such as trust and a common purpose are at the forefront. Vandana Satgoor, EOH Eco Warrior said: “EOH has brilliantly demonstrated this with the ExO Exponential events – a think tank on exponential thinking for our organisation to foster innovation and drive growth”. She says the panel elaborated on building effective communities by encouraging attendees to act on the challenges facing their circles and challenging themselves to the unknown, uncomfortable world with their peers to make a difference.

For more on topics such as poverty alleviation, LGBTQ rights, and others relating to building effective communities, read Vandana Satgoor’s key learnings from the summit HERE.