The world is increasingly moving with technology, so it was only fitting that the One Young World Summit came to a close with discussions around Artificial Intelligence.

The AI Foundation believes that Artificial Intelligence can be used to change global thinking towards a better future for all. According to the foundation, AI can be used to spread democracy, advocate for positive change, help address problems and teach people how to forgive.

The summit saw Richard Branson expressing his view on AI: “AI is the newest educational tool. I would use my own AI for good, by counselling young entrepreneurs and addressing corporate audiences with strategies to make the world a little bit better”. His mission is to advocate for positive change – and the path to change in his opinion is young committed people.

Now, back on home soil, our EOH Eco Warrior, Vandana Satgoor, says that if she were given the opportunity to create her own Artificial Intelligence, she would use it to deploy the perfect work-life balance to assist her in excelling both at work and in her private life.

For more on the topic of AI and technology from the likes of Deloitte’s Michele Parmlee and other leaders in the industry, read Satgoor’s BLOG as she experienced it at the One Young World Summit.