Modern enterprises face the continual threat of disruption, and no organisation is safe from this threat if they ignore the implications of the digital revolution.

“Everything is changing as we shift into an application-driven economy,” said Tsepa Ramoriting, Cluster Executive Enterprise Applications at iOCO – the services division of EOH Holdings.

It is for this reason that iOCO has established itself as a digital journey partner for South African enterprises – building, designing, and engineering business processes which keep them ahead of the digital curve.

ERP systems integration

A focus point for iOCO is ERP systems integration and how it can assist organisations transition as technologies evolve.

“Organisations are having a hard time grappling with the complexity of enabling their value chains through Enterprise Resource Planning,” said Ramoriting. These organisations also find it difficult to maintain legacy applications while integrating new functionality required to transform their business for the better.

iOCO prides itself on the quality of the solutions it builds, and its ability to combine ERP systems with other best-of-breed applications, web services, and edge technologies.

This extends to its outcomes-based enterprise application solutions and services, and ability to work with applications from SAP, Oracle, Infor, and SysPro for consolidation, transformation, ERP upgrades and enhancements, and the migration of ERP to cloud.

Why businesses choose iOCO

iOCO possesses the largest concentration of ICT skills in Africa and works with 90 global technology partners – making it an ideal digital partner for any enterprise.

Furthermore, as an ERP systems integrator iOCO is:

  • Technology Agnostic: iOCO provides the best technology solutions and is not limited to specific systems.
  • Forward Thinking: iOCO establishes open architectures with ERP at the core, allowing for interconnected ecosystems that coexist with other critical technologies.
  • Development Specialists: iOCO can provision and develop any enterprise application functionality to form a cloud-based ERP ecosystem.

“The result for organisations which partner with us is a digital ecosystem with a robustly-implemented cloud ERP that is cost effective, open, future fit, and ready for anything,” concluded Ramoriting.

To learn more about how iOCO can assist with your enterprise’s ERP needs, visit the iOCO website.

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