COVID-19 and other disruptions have highlighted the need for digital transformation in the tertiary education sector. While some institutions have been quick to innovate and deliver a quality learning experience, the pace of change needs to accelerate across the sector to meet the rapidly growing and urgent demand for inclusive, affordable higher education.

Through our subsidiaries – NEXTEC and iOCO –
EOH can help SOLVE your institution’s digital transformation challenges and
partner with you to create your own Smart Campus.

The future of higher education is here.

People Solutions

  • Recruitment, training, staffing
  • Experience and skills that turn tech disruption into opportunity

Asset Management Solutions

Specialised software and asset management solutions

  • Optimised capital and operational expenditure
  • Minimised infrastructure costs

Building Solutions

Data-driven Building Health optimisation solutions:

  • Air quality and temperature
  • Power and water usage
  • Safety and Security
  • Connectivity
  • Single control centre for multiple buildings

Water Solutions

World-class expertise in water systems optimisation

  • Borehole management and utilisation
  • Water pressure management and measurement
  • Cost-effective water utilisation and monitoring

Power Solutions

Large-scale intelligent energy provision:

  • Energy monitoring and audits
  • Management and back-up power solutions
  • Industry-leading expertise and technology

Connectivity Solutions

World-class, turn-key, customised connectivity solutions

  • Network design and implementation
  • Physical infrastructure deployment

Environmental Solutions

Environmental and social advisory services:

  • Focus on facilities and infrastructure
  • Emerging markets’ expertise

Logistic Solutions

End-to-end design, optimisation and consulting services

  • Includes distribution and warehousing centre designs
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At iOCO, we view technology as an enabler that fosters innovation and improves business processes. We have the capabilities to enable institutions to enhance and differentiate the student experience, improve operational performance, and ultimately further their mission in a number of ways

Learning Management Solutions

iOCO’s hands-on, skilled team have extensive experience in not only transforming old-school training into engaging digital content, but also updating existing learning materials and creating highly effective learning support tools.

Our tried and tested design and delivery process begins with an extensive needs analysis,
followed by advice on solutions that are fit-for purpose and directed at achieving your desired business outcomes.

Our digital platforms make remote implementation possible, while our project management tools
ensure strict adherence to timelines and budget.

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