In this opening podcast of the series, Van Coller touches on iOCO’s view of the opportunities based on its own findings and on-the-ground experiences.

Africa is ripe with opportunities for technology-led distruption and tech companies with the right approach to this vast market stand to benefit.

That’s the view of EOH Holdings CEO Stephen van Coller, who introduces a series of TechCentral podcasts this week with executives from iOCO, the systems integrator in the EOH group.

From Cape Town to Cairo, Van Coller unpacks why he believes Africa’s economic renaissance could be fuelled by the growth of tech, with countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya leading the way.

But what are some of the opportunities and the hurdles and what is the role of the public and private sectors in overcoming these?

With the right enabling policies, improvements in infrastructure, a focus on education and training, and the explosion of tech hubs, coupled with a young population, and a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, the picture is brighter than many might imagine.

This podcast was first published on TechCentral on the 15th of February 2021.