Using new technologies to drive digital transformation needs to take into consideration the security of increasingly distributed networks as well as the ever-increasing number of applications and endpoints.

Through the EOH Technology Solutions (TS) division, a managed security-as-a-service suite of offerings has been introduced.

Mitigating 90% of cyber security threats straight away, EOH TS provides a new approach to cyber security that offers a more strategic, efficient and cost-effective method to securing a business from end-to-end.

Transforming IT from a reactive business division focused on service delivery to one capable of fueling business growth rests on the ‘as-a-service’ model. This on-demand approach has changed the way businesses operate and offers solutions that enable proactive innovation.

Security should be as responsive as all other mission-critical functions. For many organisations, it has become an extremely complex machine made up of many moving parts. This results in security teams being sunk under the volume of all the boxes they have to tick. Our solution is simple and integrates vulnerability management into the broader security management framework.

Delivered by certified security engineers to solve real business problems and meet regulatory requirements with auditable processes, the EOH managed Security-as-a-Service offering helps organisations reduce the attack surface to the smallest possible footprint. This solution reduces the complexity and effort associated with vulnerability management by enabling a proactive security posture and eliminating vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

EOH has included Backup-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery as-a-Service in its offering as security should not be viewed in isolation. These services are available for any app, any data, and on any cloud and provides the following features:

  • high-speed
  • verified backup
  • disaster recovery, and;
  • data loss avoidance

Our certified specialists deliver an end-to-end managed Security-as-a-Service portfolio that moves the complex tasks of information and network security from being a capital expenditure to a manageable monthly expense, while ensuring that all compliance obligations are met. As technology and business operating models continue to be redefined, security must be an integral part of all facilities and services. Our approach focuses on engineering solutions that are specific to our clients’ environments and tailored to meet their challenges.

The unprecedented pace and level of change that businesses are experiencing today has made it more important than ever to architect future-proof solutions. With a managed service, organisations can rest assured that their security is practically suited to their realities and needs, and is aligned with their long-term visions. This not only ensures the security of their ecosystems, but also helps enable successful digital transformation.