In July this year, EOH 702 launched its Youth Job Creation Challenge to businesses across South Africa with the goal to improve work experience skills for many of the unemployed youth across South Africa.

This month, our partnership with 702 and National Treasury continues as we invite CEOs from around the country to commit to the Initiative & bring in an additional 3% of their total staff complement in learners and interns.

Our objective is to challenge businesses across South Africa to create 100 000 jobs for unemployed youth by 2020

South Africa doesn’t have a shortage of jobs; it has a shortage of work-ready skills. According to a recent IMF study; work experience, not education is a primary factor in our youth becoming employed. Therefore, an investment in youth learning and development is good for our youth, is good for business and is good for our country.

As such, the EOH 702 Youth Job Creation Challenge is designed to address our country’s skills shortages, by inviting businesses to take on a number of unemployed youth in learnership and intern programmes give our youth the one-year work experience required to become skilled.

“Business in South Africa must not think like our counterparts in developed countries – we have a unique set of challenges. Here, business must play a much broader role, which must include the wellbeing of our society” [Asher Bobhot, EOH CEO]

Join us today and pledge to take on over 3% of your workforce in learnership and internship programmes

The initiative was initially launched by EOH in 2012 and has since grown both within the company and in its partner ecosystem. By making effective use of government skills development initiatives and the intellectual resources at the disposal of EOH, the company took on over 600 learners and graduate interns in 2012, absorbed them into the workplace, and set about imparting work skills to them. Most of them are now employed by the company or its partner ecosystem. Since then, EOH has created over 10 000 employment opportunities for the youth in partnership with Government, our Customers and Partners.

We invite you to contact us if you want to share ideas and best practice or become involved in our programme as a partner. EOH has made the skills development team and resources freely available to any other company that wishes to replicate the model.

To find out more about how your company can participate in the EOH youth job creation initiative, please contact: