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About the integrated REPORT

Introduction and scope of the report

EOH Holdings Limited (EOH Holdings or the Company) is committed to transparent reporting and aims to provide information to its stakeholders that will allow them to make informed decisions about the Company's ability to create value.

Scope of the report

In this report, the performance of the Company and its subsidiaries (hereafter referred to as 'EOH' or 'the Group') as well as its associates and joint venture for the year ended 31 July 2020 are reviewed. The report also covers EOH's strategic journey, business model, governance practices as well as an overview of the risks that EOH encountered over the 2020 financial year.

EOH's integrated report contains the full set of audited Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 31 July 2020.

Preparation of the integrated report

The following reporting requirements, guidelines and frameworks were considered when preparing this report:

EOH continues to progress on the journey outlined by King IV, while ensuring increased integration of reported financial, social, governance and environmental information. EOH uses the concepts, guiding principles and content elements contained in the  Framework as a platform for this integrated report.


EOH's integrated report focuses on information that is material to EOH's business. It provides a concise overview of EOH's performance, prospects and ability to provide sustainable value for all its stakeholders. The legitimate interests of all stakeholders have been taken into account and all material information has been included in this report.


EOH is on a journey of maturity with regards to combined assurance and is in its infancy of having a mature combined assurance model.

The Board of directors of the Company (the Board), assisted by the Audit Committee, is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the integrated report. Accordingly, EOH applies a combined assurance model which incorporates and optimises all assurance services and functions to enable an effective control environment, to support the integrity of information used for internal decision making by management, the governing body and its committees and also supports the integrity of the organisation's external reports.

The Group's financial, operating, compliance and risk management controls are assessed by the Group's internal audit function, which is overseen by the Audit Committee.

The audit opinion expressed by the external auditors is included in their audit report as part of the Consolidated Annual Financial Statements.

Forward-looking statements

This report contains forward-looking statements which are based on assumptions and management's view of EOH's future performance. Such statements are, by their nature, estimates, subject to risks and uncertainties, which may result in EOH's actual performance being different from that expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements. These statements have not been audited by EOH's external auditors.

Board responsibility

The board acknowledges overall responsibility and accountability for the integrity of this report. Executive management, assisted by a dedicated reporting team under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, were responsible for the preparation and consolidation of this report. The board believes that this report is a balanced and appropriate representation of the financial and operational performance of EOH and that this report has been prepared in accordance with the IIRC Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework. Upon recommendation from the audit committee, the board approved this report on 1 December 2020.

Stephen van Coller

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Pydigadu

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Mthembu


1 December 2020