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Your business isn’t just built on technology, it’s built on people and culture. Our global presence ensures that we understand your unique business objectives and challenges. With our customers’ loyal support and sound business offering, we’re increasingly becoming a multinational company as we continue to expand our international footprint.

Solutions for a developing world, focused on emerging markets

There is little doubt of the rapid pace of digital disruption in our everyday lives. Global communities are more connected than ever before, and with organisations increasingly operating in multiple territories, we help our customers enable their digital transformation strategies through EOH International’s  3,000+ people. We deliver end-to-end services across all major industries in more than 30 countries.

Services and Solutions

We assist in building digital businesses by providing solutions, consultants, and services based on 5 pillars; Cloud Solutions, Digital Solutions, Business By Design, Big Data, and Smart Cities.



Our wide range of products filter into our hybrid cloud solution, consisting of the EOH SMART Platform and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Gone are the days of master filing rooms, filled from wall to wall with cabinets housing everything from employee records to client contracts and project documentation.
Gone are the days of floppies and disks. Much has changed in the way modern companies do business. particularly due to, how and where information is stored and ease and expediency of access to information. The crux of the matter remains the space, expertise and financial means required from companies to implement and run their own data centres.
Cloud computing is an approach to aligning technology with business strategy and needs, in ways that offer unprecedented business flexibility and agility.
This is where we come in.
We offer an overarching cloud framework that integrates everything and supplies the information that all the services use in our integrated cloud solutions.
Our EOH cloud solutions are designed to progress your organisations’ cloud maturity journey, ensuring that you are firmly on the way to achieving orchestration of your cloud strategy.
Technology has brought the business world to the point where almost everything is being digitised. Not only does this mean that new software and systems are constantly being introduced, it requires a paradigm shift in the approach to all aspects of business.
In the new business landscape, complexity will only continue to grow, as technological capability exponentially increases. Success will thus largely depend on the ability to address the challenges posed by complexity and increased demands for accountability. This requires insight into every aspect of the organisation and its operations.
As a result, the focus is now on complete digital transformation.
Fused with this is a renewed, more sophisticated approach to the customer experience (CX). It can now be richer, more personalised and more nuanced, and customers can participate far more meaningfully than before, through technologies like social platforms.
Technology advances are creating a new digital business landscape in which SMART enterprises must adapt.
At EOH International, we provide services from strategy to execution to digitally transform your organisation. From enterprise application services to innovation services, we enable and implement your digital solutions.
SAP Business ByDesign ERP software is a comprehensive, cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) business management solution designed to provide small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with all the benefits of a large-scale business application. Better yet, this solution does not require a full-scale IT department.
The SAP Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning solution is delivered on demand and managed by SAP, eliminating the need for up-front capital costs, maintenance, or upgrades. The solution is administered and maintained by SAP experts in world-class hosted data centres.
The solution’s intuitive software and user-friendly interface are tightly integrated with Microsoft Office to support easy adoption and increased productivity. Built-in support for mobile computing provides secure access to business processes anytime, anywhere, from any device.
With Business ByDesign, SMEs gain the same access to SAP business processes expertise that many of the world’s leading companies rely on to maintain their competitive edge.
Store, Manage and Analyse
Megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes of data. What does this equate to? Endless opportunities to further your business through informed decisions.
By storing, managing and analysing your customers’ digital footprints, previously unimaginable levels of business success become easily attainable.
Our complete, robust and collaborative information management platform delivers the right information exploration and visualisation abilities, to gain accurate and timely insights.
Our Big Data solution encompasses all aspects of information handling, from information management, information sanitation and quality control, to information validity, analysis, presentation, and governance.
Our Big Data solution mines data from various sources, across your platform or the EOH smart platform. The data is then transformed in an easily digestible, visual manner to make garnering vital information and insights as simple as possible, displayed visually, geo-spatially, and with predictive capabilities.
Our rapidly urbanising world faces an enormous demographic imbalance. Over the next few decades, Europe, and to some extent the United States and China, will be aging and shrinking, even as India, Africa, and the Middle East see their populations expanding. At the same time, we still have billions of people in the world who have no access to water, electricity, health care, and education.
Clearly cities are the key to whether we successfully meet this massive transition challenge and achieve growth that is both sustainable and inclusive. And the critical enabler is going to be technology. What was once a visionary notion is now the new normal: technology is as essential as the three utilities—water, gas, and electricity.
If you want to revitalise an old city, or if you are erecting a new Greenfield city, technology has to be built in.
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