EOH Industrial Technologies combines state-of-the-art, digital technology with industry best practice to enable operations, facilities and infrastructures that are Efficient, Smart, Safe, Healthy and Secure. This is achieved through:
– Enhancing efficiency, availability, comfort and security
– Optimising production and control
– Ensuring sustained protection and optimum performance of people and assets
– Creating optimum working and living conditions
– Lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions


EOH Industrial Technologies addresses these challenges through an integrated portfolio of technology, engineering, environmental and social solutions.
The explosion of data is driving increasing demand for bandwidth, high performance infrastructure and increasingly powerful, converged communication platforms.While these developments certainly support economic and business growth and enable organisations to function more effectively, the fundamental prerequisite is connectivity.
Today’s connectivity infrastructure environment is therefore complex. It spans the full converged
networking spectrum, from structured cabling, fibre optic back-bones, wireless networking, and business critical data centre infrastructure.

Designing, building and managing all of this presents a challenge to any organisation. At EOH, we understand these challenges. We have the right skills and expertise to deliver practical intelligent connectivity infrastructure solutions.

EOH has the ability to offer a complete solution: from the design and architectural phase through to ongoing maintenance after implementation, certified to Tier 4 data centres.

Installation and implementation of structured cabling solutions for integrated voice, data and video networks.
Planning and installation of fibre-optic network infrastructures, utilising the latest cabling technology and industry-leading equipment, we enable quality high-speed voice and data transmissions.
Using the best-of-breed technology to deploy and deliver wireless last mile, our wireless solution supports hundreds of companies connecting to their VPNs or to the internet.
Access reliable and fast internet connectivity in areas where fixed line connectivity does not exist through our Microwave Solutions.
We design, build and maintain full turn-key environmentally friendly data centres that comply with international standards.
Specialists in the installation of HVAC’s that focus on delivering environmental conditions that operate with as much energy efficiency as possible.
Leading the way with innovative autonomous data centres, powered by renewable energy.
Our mobile data centre solutions help a variety of customers get up and running quickly in remote areas, eliminating the time, cost and risks associated with building a permanent structure.
The Safety and Security of people and assets are a fundamental aspect of our lives. We rely on good systems to help prevent crime, warn us before danger strikes, enable groups to communicate effectively, or simply get things running safely and smoothly.
EOH Security and Safety offers a straight- forward approach to your integration needs.This means combining multiple systems to create a comprehensive unified security and building management and workforce management solutions.
From one building to multiple buildings, our team of industry experts, project managers and application engineers will assist you with the implementation of an integrated solution that addresses your toughest facility challenges.

Whether enhancing a specific aspect of your security environment or implementing a full turnkey solution for a new development, EOH SaS is able to provide a solution that meets your requirement and secures your people and assets.

Our portfolio of technology and solutions, incorporating leading reputable international brands, are selected and designed and implemented by our team to meet your specific requirements.

We design, manufacture and maintain a range of access control, time and attendance and workforce management solutions designed to simplify and streamline employee access and attendance tracking.
Our Time and Attendance monitoring technology provides you with the tools you need to accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report their hours worked.
Our modern biometric technologies also allow for the management of visitors and clients, improving security and speeding up transactions.
Through an extensive local and international partner and vendor network EOH is positioned to provide customised card solutions for identification, immigration, banking, health, transport, gaming and security. Our solutions offering includes National ID, drivers’ license, immigration and border control, AFIS, elections support, payment and banking solutions.
We provide specialist fire detection and suppression solutions including environmental monitoring solutions.
We provide a fully backed up solution with technical support, maintenance teams to ensure clear visibility at all times, a National Contact Centre to assist with support and information on your system, constant management of the account to ensure the effectiveness of the system and individual ability to remotely monitor systems from anywhere gives you the peace of mind that your valuables are looked after.
Providing Process Automation solutions and Bridging the Gap between IT & OT!Industrial Automation and Control provides software, products, services and solutions for all industry verticals.
EOH has a wide range of competencies in the control and automation sphere. While our primary target markets include oil and gas, mining, metals and minerals, food and beverage, water, power utilities and smart cities: our competencies extend to numerous other industries as well.
Our plant-wide MES systems supplied are used to keep track of production schedules, inventory availability, work in progress and a range of other operations management-related information flowing to and from the shop floor.
Improving plant performance and bottom line. Optimising energy use and sustainability. Reducing downtime. Increasing operator efficiency. Increasing engineering and maintenance efficiency.
Our SCADA Systems synchronise your field, control room, and board room operations to transform the efficiency and profitability of your operations.
Our HMI solutions enable operational excellence across all industries, empowering customers with better insight into the economics of their operations, the basis for real-time performance management.
We provide field devices for Measurement and Instrumentation.
Experts in project management and preventative maintenance for plant electrical infrastructure and automation.
Addressing your plant, production, process safety and process efficiency needs, we offer a wide range of services within the automation and control sphere.
Our intelligent building management systems provide you with the platform you need to deliver reliable, flexible solutions, lowering facility maintenance costs over time.
Economic growth and development is directly impacted by the efficiency and reliability of the transportation infrastructure that is available in a country. This efficiency and reliability is in turn dependent on the quality of solutions, management and maintenance of this infrastructure.
EOH Transportation provide leading technology and solutions to enable this effective implementation and management of transportation infrastructure. Our experienced engineers with an in depth understanding of the transportation infrastructure, enable us to provide a full spectrum of services across the transportation value chain.
EOH Transportation, providing smart, leading edge, integrated and reliable solutions to keep the economy on the move.
Design of rail infrastructure for major transport projects.
Our Smart, information-driven signalling technology significantly increases capacity, safety and security.
Specialists in the delivery and maintenance of railway communication systems.
We implement fitted, consistent traction power supply and contact line systems for mass transit and main line railways.
We design, build and manage state-of-the-art operational nerve centres for the rail industry.
Our condition monitoring technology identifies hidden defects in equipment to improve the reliability of critical assets. It also helps uncover the causes of failure and guides the most effective corrective action.
Specialists in designing new roads, upgrading, maintenance and rehabilitation of existing roads as well as the design, implementation and upgrading of municipal infrastructure.
Specialists in road asset management, aiming at cost effective maintenance, upgrading and operation of physical assets.
Smart Innovative Sustainable Energy Solutions & Services to Society’s Challenges.
Meeting today’s complex energy requirements requires a service provider to be highly aware of the impact of its technologies, solutions and services. This not only extends to the environment but also to the communities in which it operates. Vigilance about the use of energy is a vital component in any organisation’s success.
The Mega trends such as urbanisation, digitalisation, future infrastructure development, converged connectivity, climate change and renewable energy are just some of the challenges on the African continent which are driving the way business is conducted. These challenges demand solutions that meet the requirements of an ever- evolving and complex energy environment.
EOH Energy Infrastructure and Services strive to provide appropriate holistically integrated energy solutions and services.
Through combining state of the art technology and best practices we create a smart, healthy and secure environment for our clients, spanning across public and private sectors, utilities, mining, manufacturing industries and commercial sectors.
We offer leading energy infrastructure, energy management and optimisation solutions, through turnkey energy services & projects based on a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of our customers’ needs and the industry they operate in.
We offer consumers, suppliers, network operators, generators and regulators a wide range of useful tools and services enabling ultimately a smarter energy world.
Our Smart grid solutions deliver energy safely and efficiently through a variety of IoT services.
We conduct energy audits and energy management consulting to identify and assess energy cost savings opportunities.
We make energy management a simple matter by ensuring that our customers have only one contact that can deliver a holistic solution and our project management services form the base of our value proposition to clients.
We are able to verify energy savings through the Measurement & Verification process.
Our services and systems cover the power quality monitoring value chain, from the procurement of equipment through to value-added services, tailored to the specific application.
EOH offers turn-key solutions for singular and/or hybrid renewable power solutions, from detailed analysis to design, supply, construction and commissioning.
EOH offers substation engineering and site services that will enable the municipalities to improve their services delivery by optimising the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) of their HV/MV substation infrastructure.
We provide customised solutions to optimise and solve problems in local transmission, distribution and industrial power.
Provider of comprehensive power quality and backup power management solutions.
The growing demand for infrastructure and development continues to have an increasing potential impact on the environment and society.
The effective management and utilisation of our water resources, maintenance of Infrastructure and minimisation of losses is crucial to ensuring long-term sustainability of supply. There is also a great need to find new water sources to cope with the current and future demand especially after the prolonged drought and in growth of our populations, increased urbanisation and industrial growth.
EOH has created centres of excellence with leading experts in the industry– to play a positive role in society, beyond normal business practices by addressing the holistic and environmental and infrastructure needs of our communities.
EOH water solutions cover the entire spectrum of the water value chain, ranging from simple water infrastructure data collection to very large water & waste water treatment plants.
EOH Environmental offers a wide range of environmental and social advisory services at all stages of project development, from conception to operation. From risk assessments, EIA assessment and authorisations through to monitoring and management, EOH Environmental can cover the complete lifecycle of your investments.
We specialise in the development of strategies and solutions aimed at reducing water losses and managing consumer demands in all sectors.
Development and implementation of water master plans that offer implementable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to both short- and long-term infrastructure needs.
We are experts in highly specialised hydraulic models, building and evaluating very detailed scenarios to deal with complex drainage problems.
We implement demand management strategies that ensure a reduction in the need for new supply infrastructure.
Experts in the design and optimisation of treatment processes, reactors, pump stations, pipelines and distribution networks.
We offer a large array of scientific, testing, engineering and consulting services related to such environmental impact studies.
We have conducted a variety of surveys in order to assist our clients in complying with the National Environmental Legislation governing air, water and soil pollution.  Our team specialises in air emission monitoring as per the National Air Emissions Act.
We provide cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to a range of environmental issues from investigation and assessment, to cleaning and remediation.
We employ a methodical strategy to address mobile, cloud, and enterprise seamlessly.
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We are passionate about providing innovative technologies and solutions that enable business processes across, Healthcare Administration, Human Capital, and Customer Service Outsourcing.
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We assist in building digital businesses by providing solutions, consultants and services based on 5 pillars; Cloud Solutions, Digital Solutions, Business By Design, Big Data, and Smart Cities.
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