The world has gone well beyond Moore’s Law to an unprecedented, exponential rate of change in technology. The greatest challenge faced by CIOs is how they leverage these new opportunities for the greatest impact in their business, while they support and transition from their legacy environments.  In line with EOH’s “partner for life” philosophy, our ICT team is committed to partnering with clients to guide and support them as they navigate this two-speed journey to digitally transform. We understand the challenges involved, from the underlying infrastructure foundations to the applications that serve the business and its customers. Whether it is cloud infrastructure, big data, digital applications or security, we have the broadest range of technology and knowledge services to help you engineer a tailored roadmap that delivers transformation and business value.


Growing Revenue and Reducing Costs Through Innovation and a Holistic Approach

EOH Information and Communications Technology uses a technology-agnostic approach to design solutions that solve your key business challenges. We combine agile techniques with technology to deliver competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Our solutions ensure a realistic transition from traditional to next generation IT. Our innovative approach will deliver great experiences for your customers, as well as agility and IT cost base optimisation.



EOH is vendor agnostic and recommends fit for purpose solutions based on our customer’s needs rather than being prescriptive on a specific solution or technology.

The cornerstone of our IT management solutions is a journey towards IT maturity – a process of transitioning IT from traditional reactive mode to new IT as a Service approach.

Our EOH IT management lines of business provide consultation, readiness assessments, agnostic needs analysis, planning, migration and on-site support. Our solutions are designed to protect business-critical servers that house your organisation’s information assets.

EOH helps you to reach a mature risk scenario with reduced complexity and increased value, delivered to your business using our end-to-end portfolio of services.

We have extensive expertise in the implementation of business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  We understand the importance of having solutions in place that ensure best business practices are adopted throughout our clients’ organisations allowing resources to be effectively optimised.
We build, connect, and enable future generation connectivity and infrastructure solutions by delivering best-fit solutions, best-of-breed technology, on-time delivery, and continuous support. Our total documentation delivery, specialised skills and strong leadership enable our clients to focus on their core business.
We offer innovation, experience, and expertise in an end-to-end, fully integrated UC solution that encompasses people, processes, and technology. Our UC solutions help you enhance the way you communicate, collaborate and work, by delivering contextual communications and collaboration tools to employees where, when and how they need it.
We use our network solutions to help you access applications and services that meet your company’s needs and add value to your business.
We are committed to ensuring the availability of world-class products to South African companies, with competitive, superior customer service.
EOH is vendor agnostic and recommends fit for purpose solutions based on our customer’s needs rather than being prescriptive on a specific solution or technology. Our hardware and software solutions are designed to meet your unique business requirements and will integrate seamlessly with your core business systems.
EOH drives initiatives that enable insight, improve efficiencies, and promote a culture of accountability.

As a market leader in enterprise solutions, EOH has developed an ecosystem that enables our customers to accelerate innovation, ensure return on investment, and achieve breakthrough results. By harnessing the collective knowledge of our EOH experts and institutional experience, you will innovate through collaboration with the EOH community and be exposed to solutions that leverage proven best practices.

Your business will be able to engage the right people, line up resources, and access relevant knowledge and a wide range of solutions to minimise integration costs, while at the same time ensure standards-based implementation methodologies that help reduce project risk.

Ultimately, this EOH ecosystem puts knowledge and expertise at your fingertips so that you can use it when you need it to achieve your objectives and improve ongoing business performance.

We are the largest enterprise applications provider in South Africa. Our close partnerships with our technology partners enable us to turn your vision into reality. This enables successful transformation through innovation and operational efficiency, and additionally enhances your investment and maximises success.
We deliver solutions that address the challenges of big data scale through analytics, bandwidth and content. We enable our customers to gain insight into massive datasets, move data quickly, and store important content for long periods of time without increasing operational complexity.
EOH software development and integration’s solutions are designed to meet your unique business software requirements and will integrate seamlessly with your core business systems. Our services are designed to deliver business outcomes that benefit the entire organisation through innovation and expansion into new markets, while reducing overall costs.
Business success leverages off many key variables – and efficiency is key to most of them. As the only digital solutions provider who is able to integrate a range of solutions across a broad range of platforms, spheres and user groups without the need for extensive process re-engineering, we are poised to enable you with digital process automation and efficiency solutions that will position you for success.
EOH has industry-specific applications that address issues not always covered by the more holistic enterprise systems.
These applications are owned, run and managed by EOH and are normally targeted at either distinct industries, or at particular problems across a range of industries
Rather than being IT-driven, we answer business questions to grow Business Intelligence Maturity and facilitate user adoption. Our starting point and continued focus is on identifying business cases for BI through intensive consulting with the decision-makers in your organisation.
By tapping into a large skills base including Web developers and various digital services for support, our customised app development division is able to advise clients on every stage of the app development and management process.
EOH ensures a realistic transition from piecemeal, incremental, uncoordinated change to an outsourcing agenda that delivers a faster, single process.

The increasing complexity of IT systems and the dependency organisations have on the availability of these systems requires highly skilled experts to manage and maintain such systems, as well as the processes, tools and IP to ensure they are performing optimally.

The effective use of IT can be a strategic and competitive advantage, therefore, it makes sense to have an outsource partner whose core business is IT and can thus add strategic value.

Outsourcing your IT leads to a reduction of risk by ensuring that your complex technology infrastructure is properly maintained and appropriately refreshed.
The adoption of IT outsourcing produces better utilisation of capex which can then be spent on items that are directly related to your business.

We have vast experience in IT performance management, application testing, performance optimisation, performance monitoring, security, alerting and application management. We additionally have the largest number of IT management experts in the country.

Our solutions and skills include leading edge application performance, high availability, security, network and WAN optimisation tools, as well as tools and expertise to monitor and manage your IT.

EOH IT security and governance takes a holistic approach to assessing, auditing and consulting on the security levels of a company’s technology solutions. Our practical approach enables an actionable resolution to vulnerability protection, providing you with the framework and assistance required to effectively implement the required solution(s).
We provide a comprehensive fully managed solution – we manage your entire workspace including workstation, mobile devices, printing, network, security, voice and data.
We design, build and maintain full turn-key environmentally friendly data centres that comply with international standards. Our Microsoft management and virtualisation competency allows us to help our customers achieve success with a familiar, supported, and cost-effective technology platform to help them improve datacenter operations, deliver reliable services and lower costs.
EOH are experts in combining various standard and bespoke mobile solutions that are most suited to your organisation. Our solutions aim to improve productivity, and increase profits whilst cutting operational costs.
Our managed hosting services will ensure that you always have the IT infrastructure to meet your business needs, without the capital expenditure. Our offering includes a fully outsourced cloud infrastructure service. You can configure it from top to bottom, to suit your business needs.
Our Service Desk solution is a scalable, world-class offering geared to the needs of your organisation. We customise our solutions to fit your specifications, supported by exceptional systems and infrastructure support.
Our managed print services ensure that your business benefits from automating paper-based processes, sustainability, cost savings, mobile device printing, added security as well as compliance.
Security threats now come from sources you may not have expected, they are more sophisticated than you imagined and powerful enough to cause catastrophic damage. Non-action is not an option. EOH offers an end-to-end security solution and has the security skills, experience, technology and business processes you need.
We ensure that the maintenance and support of systems and their underlying technical infrastructure are kept at optimal levels. EOH assists with addressing corporate governance, cost reduction and on-going maintenance that can eliminate potential downtime and assist with disaster recovery.
We help companies find the balance between the drive to lower cost, and the need to establish quality networks to support business needs. We provide it all – from professional consulting to building and delivering a future-proof network.
We also focus on offering access and connectivity that enable companies to take full advantage of the powerful technologies that are revolutionising the business world, like cloud-based services and voice solutions.
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