EOH Business Process Outsourcing offers a range of solutions that take care of your non-core business processes, so your team can focus on enhancing productivity, performance, and growth.


Through our knowledge-based BPO services, we give your business immediate access to expert insights, highly sought-after specialist skills, and proven methodologies.

Our strategic ability and enabling technologies are designed to assist you in saving costs and achieving the best outcomes for your business.




We are passionate about providing innovative technologies and solutions that enable business processes across:

Leveraging good customer services reflects positively on your bottom line.

Defying traditional concepts of customer service, EOH Customer Services Outsourcing (CSO) provides holistic and comprehensive end-to-end solutions. This ensures that your business’ public-facing facets are as productive as possible, while occupying as few resources as possible from your core operations.

In the contemporary service climate, customer experience is a key driver of profit with the right application of sourced skills.We are passionate about facilitating positive customer relations, engagement and management of expectations.

EOH creates value for our customers through the provision of harmonised end-to-end solutions, customised systems and quantifiable outcomes.

Our expertise in claims administration and management ensures the sustainability of underwriters and re-insurance companies, whilst guaranteeing accurate, seamless claims processing which has a definite and direct impact on client retention.
We source scarce local skills internationally, decreasing capacity constraints whilst saving on equipment, training and other overheads.
We have the infrastructure and expertise required to focus solely on front office services allowing you to free up resources to focus on your primary service offering.
Every organisation’s ability to leverage technology is dependent on its people.

EOH Human Capital operates at the intersection of people and technology. Technology is driving the way people engage and relate and is rapidly transforming every organisation.

The single-minded purpose of EOH Human Capital is – unlocking human potential, improving lives! Our passion and dedication lies in attracting, developing & retaining the best people in your business and the community.

We provide a variety of vendor agnostic human capital technology solutions allowing us to recommend fit for purpose solutions based on our customer’s needs rather than being prescriptive on a specific solution or technology.
Through our extensive range of established, interrelated business-enhancing Human Resources products services and solutions we can support you to realise your full business’ potential on an individual, team and organisational level.
We offer more than 250 accredited, learning programmes that serves a diverse range of occupations and career pathways in almost every sector of the economy and society.
Our dedicated legal practitioners offer a complete suite of legal expertise designed and developed over time to specifically comply with the legal needs of any corporate or public enterprise.
Maintaining healthy and productive employees will ensure your business is functioning at its most efficient, effective and profitable level.

EOH Health is a provider of health and wellness strategic planning.
Our expert and innovative technologies offer sustainable, affordable and tailor-made healthcare solutions.

We bundle our services and technologies in order to achieve maximum outcomes for every single client we work with.

We deal with all the large medical aid administrators and medical schemes in the market and consults on the medical aid needs of corporate companies and their employees throughout South Africa.
Experts in the leadership, management and administration of public health systems, hospitals and hospital networks.
Our administration and distribution services reduce costs and shortens timelines, ensuring accuracy whilst guaranteeing the highest level of security.
We employ a methodical strategy to address mobile, cloud, and enterprise seamlessly.
Business Process Outsourcing
We combine state-of-the-art, digital technology with industry best practice to enable operations, facilities, and infrastructures that are Efficient, Smart, Safe, Healthy, and Secure.
We assist in building digital businesses by providing solutions, consultants and services based on 5 pillars; Cloud Solutions, Digital Solutions, Business By Design, Big Data, and Smart Cities.

Our EOH Technology Partners