Your digital journey partner in an exponential world.

Inspired by digitally native internet organisations (iO) and creative organisations (CO) of the future, the essence of the iOCO brand is the coming together of a community of great people with the best technology to serve humanity.

Building our business over twenty years has ensured that iOCO has the largest collection of ICT skills and talent on the continent. The strategic value of iOCO is centred around technology solutions combined with our employees’ commitment to our clients, as they respond to the breakthrough trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our clients’ continuous evolution requires a partner that has the ability to improve legacy technology, while implementing their disruptive platforms of the future. With iOCO’s depth and breadth of capabilities we are well positioned to help business navigate this two-speed world.

Join us as we navigate your path to an exponential future. iOCO.

Our multi-disciplinary teams organise around function to address every client need holistically through the lens of our extensive Digital Advisory team that delivers design thinking, IT advisory and consulting services to the market. We have over 4,500 employees that will be delivering services around five core functions:

Open Digital Integrator

As Africa’s largest systems integrator, we have the modern toolbox and diversity of skills necessary to make competitive advantage and business functionality happen for our clients and their customers by creating interconnected ecosystems that bridge the gap between past problems and future goals.

Enterprise Applications

We build, design and engineer functionality into your architectural reality to provide the fuel to enable business processes that bring people and technology closer together in realising digital ambitions.

Data & Analytics

Bringing together all the smart data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across the group, we have designed a unique Fast Data Fabric that allows clients to turn data into a differentiator with the hyper-ability to ingest, store, analyse and act on more data than ever before, in order to unlock new revenue streams, monetise data and predict change.

Compute & Platforms

We are actively engaged with our clients, providing a guiding light on their digital transformation journey to improve compute resource efficiencies and prepare for the future of Anything as a Service.

Manage & Operate

Working toward your future of Anything as a Service. The ultimate form of our digital vision sees iOCO as a fully-capable strategic partner for any business in every sector, monitoring and managing all IT with the ability to provide any function on demand and integrate it seamlessly into the existing organisational ecosystem.

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iOCO is more than a name, it signifies a new way of operating an ICT business.