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Gone are the days of packed offices, long cafeteria lines and not enough meeting rooms – the 2020s have fundamentally changed how we work.

In response to the changing times EOH is now offering a hybrid office management solution for managing working part time at the office and part time at home. And when employees do come to the office, it remains critical that their health is protected and the facilities are aligned to COVID-19 health best practices.

An organisation’s facilities management team need a people-focused, on-demand space planning solution that can give them the insights needed to manage corporate real estate on a new level, improving space utilisation and saving costs on unused areas.

The answer to that is GetSpace.

Schedule the booking of desks, meeting rooms and parking bays at your offices in a manner that is COVID-19 compliant.
GetSpace includes strict COVID-19 protocols, guidelines and measures to help reduce the risk of employees who may be sick or symptomatic coming to work.

GetSpace features and benefits

Book a desk remotely

Choose to occupy a building, office block or desk on a specific date and time

Reserve parking bays

Employees can reserve a parking bay in advance and save time searching for that perfect spot

Manage visitors

Keep track of visitors entering your offices as well as their health declarations

Analytics dashboards

Gain deeper insights into your offices though data insights and dashboards

Health check-in

Allows employees to complete on-site or remote daily health check-ins

Sign in from anywhere

No downloads or apps required - access GetSpace on any smartphone, laptop or PC

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