Financial Services

Customer centricity and technology disruption are 2 key opportunities for banking and insurance organisations. Our approach of combining business and risk management experience, technology expertise and deep customer insights allows us to deliver purposeful innovation and on-going value.



EOH has been supporting SA’s telecoms giants virtually since inception. Delivering the full spectrum of EOH’s consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions and services to telecommunications customers, EOH understands the business of telecommunications like no other company does. As the networks and services of the telecoms environment grow, with increasing demands for availability and quality of service, EOH continues to build and deliver services from consulting through to infrastructure implementation and maintenance.


Manufacturing & Logistics

EOH has extensive competencies in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Our services range from consulting in the various feasibility stages, to the establishment of manufacturing infrastructure, through to integrated operational solutions.

As with leadership, EOH believes that quality logistical support is key to the successful establishment and operation of manufacturing on the continent. EOH is positioned to support development, maximise processes, enhance safety, and improve cost efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics across Africa.


Public Sector

Through our combination of state-of-the-art solutions and high level skills, we are able to enhance service delivery through ongoing innovation – such as mobile solutions, self-service, and Big Data analytics customised for local government use.

EOH has a long history in working closely with the public sector on all levels. Whether it is assisting the Central, Local, or Provincial Government, or State-Owned Enterprises, EOH is in a unique position to meet the specific demands of the public sector.

We have the skills and experience to provide enhanced managed services operations and application practices to the public sector. It uses experienced people in their fields and has a proven track record of successful implementations spanning a variety of public sector departments, many of whom have been clients for several years.

The range of responsibility within the Public Sector for delivery of services impacts almost every industry, from communications and financial services through to infrastructure implementation, maintenance and basic service delivery. The EOH portfolio of solutions and services can assist Government in all these areas and across the complete delivery cycle from initial feasibility, analysis, planning, implementation and ongoing efficient management and maintenance for the benefit of all citizens.



EOH has extensive competencies in the mining and process manufacturing sectors. We offer the gamut of services ranging from consulting in the pre-feasibility and feasibility stage, to mining infrastructure build and development, through to integrated mining solutions, systems optimisation and safety systems.

As the only service provider delivering a full range of consulting and IT systems developed for this niche sector, EOH is positioned to support development, maximise processes, enhance safety, and improve cost efficiencies in mining and process manufacturing across Africa.

These services are further enhanced by our extensive Industrial Technology solutions and services which are core to the efficient sustainable execution of the mining operations.



Since the global downturn, South African retailers have fared better than their international peers in many regards, however there are vast opportunities to increase revenue and market share through more efficient operations and innovative new service offerings. By partnering with EOH, you can free your organisation to focus on the core business of retail, while we focus on the business of managing your systems and optimising your infrastructure.

Today, customers are demanding a personalised and consistent experience that hinges on better value, better service, and greater convenience. This is in an environment where growth and profitability remain harder to achieve as a consequence of stiffer market competition and lower consumer spend.

EOH offers world-class solutions that service all areas of the retail value chain and that can help your organisation gain a meaningful advantage in the marketplace. Through our comprehensive portfolio, EOH is able to advise and optimise multiple areas of the retail business from back end systems through to the front end retail experience.

Technology Partners