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The following areas continue to be a focus for ensuring an ICT service that enables business performance and continuity:

  • Central Group control systems: The roll out of enhanced systems to support EOH Governance, Human Resource, Enterprise Performance, Procurement and Financial Management.
  • Hardware and Software: The assurance of delivery against support, capacity and performance standards, including licensing audit and compliance.
  • Information security blueprint: The ongoing assurance of network security and data protection in a world of evolving cyber threats, including the management of access control, in line with evolving and forecast regulatory requirements.
  • Business continuity: The assurance of capacity and performance management including backup protocols, including disaster planning for resilience and continuity.
  • Return on ICT investments: The oversight and assurance of EOH Group investments in ICT to ensure a portfolio that delivers on value as planned.
  • ICT innovation landscape: To continue to keep abreast of emerging ICT best practice, to ensure that the EOH Group ICT capability is reflective of the best practices and world-class standards that we deliver for our clients.

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Committee purpose

The Technology and Information Committee is charged with ensuring that technology and information is managed, appropriately resourced, and sufficiently defined to enable operations and to achieve the strategic objectives set. The committee is responsible for ethical and effective risk and compliance systems for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) as defined by King IV principle 12. The EOH EXCO is accountable to the committee for the implementation, effectiveness of, and adherence with, the EOH Governance Framework. EOH ICT Ambassadors have leadership responsibility to communicate and inform the EOH EXCO of ICT opportunities and risks across operational and functional areas.

The committee is responsible for:

Activities during the year

The committee was suspended during the early part of 2019 whilst the focus of the Board was redirected toward the recovery of the company's reputation following the identification of wrongdoing and the need to take mitigating action. During this time the Board was reconstituted with a new membership to reflect the relevant skills and experience required to deliver future governance.

As such the Technology and Information Committee was re-established in September 2019, with a refreshed membership, and aligned to deliver against the EOH Governance Framework, which contains measures relating to the ethical and effective oversight of ICT matters.

Data protection

Over the course of the year we have continued to keep track of best practices relating to the protection of personal information, including the evolving regulation landscape. Opportunities associated with the advancement of technology and digitisation associated with the 4IR were considered, and EOH continues to operate in a way that meets statutory obligations, with ongoing compliance risk assessment to ensure readiness for future change.

Evolving governance

The committee is fully abreast of the wider EOH initiative to galvanise and embed the EOH Governance Framework. Over the course of 2020 our focus will be to ensure that EOH role players and resources are mobilised to define ICT requirements for enterprise-wide governance and oversight. We reaffirm the importance of EOH ICT Ambassadors, responsible for representing operational and functional areas to ensure that future process standardisation is supported by systems are fit-for-purpose across diverse EOH entities, enabling any opportunities that arise from innovation.

Committee composition:

Andrew Mthembu (Chairperson of the committee)
Dr Lynette Moretlo Molefi
Megan Pydigadu
Mike Bosman
Stephen van Coller

Leading by example

As Africa's leading technology services provider we need to lead by example with an ICT capability that reflects our core competence. In a digital world that is continuously evolving, and given the requirement to strengthen ICT for governance. In 2020 this will entail demonstrating best practice change management and communication for our own internal customers, to ensure business continuity and resilience for the customers that we serve.

RoI on ICT investment

The committee notes its responsibility for oversight of return of investment on EOH ICT investments. After a year in which much value has been lost, the committee reaffirms its intention to ensure that such investments contribute maximised value to the EOH Group.


The committee is refreshed and revitalised, and intends to ensure an EOH architecture that is aligned to our restructured business model. We undertake to deliver our role in ensuring there is an integrated approach to the strategic and tactical ICT objectives of the EOH Group, managing associated risks for our wider enterprise, and for all our stakeholders.

Andrew Mthembu

Chairperson, Technology and Information Committee

24 October 2019