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Stakeholder Engagement

It is critical that we engage with our stakeholders in a transparent and authentic way to rebuild trust and reputation, and to share our plans for future value creation

Stakeholder engagement

Proactive engagement with our key stakeholders is an essential part of being a responsible company. We recognise that our success depends on the effectiveness with which we listen and respond to the needs and expectations of stakeholders. These engagements provide input into how we approach our business activities, identify risks and opportunities, and help us to adapt to social, technological and regulatory changes. We define our stakeholders as those groups who affect the activities of EOH or are affected by our activities, whether directly or indirectly. The table below lists our stakeholders, their main concerns and how we address these.

Stakeholder group Key issues raised Engagement plan


  • Concern about reputational damage
  • Questions relating to restructuring
  • Fear of unfair reprisal or job loss
  • Professional and personal development
  • Career growth and empowerment
  • Remuneration
  • Ongoing CODE Communication Programme
  • Town halls and Employment Equity forums
  • A focus on wellness, talent and retention
  • Ongoing assurance of fair remuneration
  • Proactive career and performance management
  • Opportunities through corporatisation


  • Concern about reputational issues
  • Questions about name change
  • Assurance of ethical service and operations
  • Continuity of service delivery
  • Ongoing demand for ICT innovation
  • Personal communication from leadership
  • Letter from ENSafrica assuring due diligence
  • Nurturing ongoing relationships
  • Strategic and key account executives
  • Quality assurance and certification programme
  • Customer engagement forums and events
  • Customer service desks and support solutions
  • Articulation of industry specific solutions

Debt funders

  • Repair of reputational issues
  • Assurance of liquidity and cash generation
  • Adherence to refreshed governance
  • Confirmation of growth profile
  • Ongoing restructuring to leverage value
  • Transparent financial status reporting
  • Independent assurance of futureproofing
  • Communication of capability building status

Suppliers, enterprise development and technology partners

  • Repair of reputational issues
  • Meeting new leadership appointments
  • Compliance with new tendering processes
  • Ongoing solvency within partnerships
  • Understanding new organisational pillars
  • Personal communication from leadership
  • Letter from ENSafrica assuring due diligence
  • Meetings with CEO and senior leadership
  • Supplier and partnership agreements
  • Communication and nurture of relationships
  • Updated preferred supplier protocols

Investors, analysts, shareholders and future strategic partners

  • Repair of reputational issues
  • Demand for best practice governance
  • Timeous and transparent disclosure
  • Insights into solvency and sustainability
  • Insights into strategy for value creation
  • Regular, transparent communication of results
  • Investor roadshows and one-on-one meetings
  • JSE SENS announcements
  • Independent assurance of progress
  • Annual General Meeting interactions
  • Public relations media communications
  • Annual Integrated Report

Society and communities

  • Action to repair reputational issues
  • Ongoing transformation and diversity
  • Responsible corporate citizenship
  • Commitment to ethical business
  • Leadership of digital innovation
  • Demand for job opportunities and growth
  • Youth Job Creation initiative
  • Action to develop technology skills
  • EOH Sustainability Strategy and Plan
  • Contribution to community projects
  • Enterprise development programmes
  • EOH Courageous Leadership Series

Government, regulatory bodies and professional associations

  • Action to futureproof against corruption
  • Assurance of strengthened governance
  • Business continuity and growth
  • Enriched professional skills and capabilities
  • Assurance of effective, ethical leadership
  • Independent assurance of results
  • Engagement with public sector customers
  • Participation in economic forums
  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Collaboration with professional associations