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Operating Model

A significant amount of time has been spent refining and revising the strategy for EOH to ensure that the Group is well positioned to take advantage of the next wave of South Africa's changing ICT industry, while at the same time ensuring the business is stabilised after the events of the past year.

A major focus of the year included a critical analysis of the portfolio, both in terms of refining the Group's focus and clarifying drivers of value over the longer term.

The initial phase of the portfolio review showcased, at the half-year, a more streamlined business comprising three major pillars with clearer alignment of focus and groupings of value:

This was accompanied by a significant scaling back of our international operations, selling those businesses where we had limited competitive advantage or scale (e.g. international SAP operations) and integrating high potential businesses back into the major pillars.

A further in-depth review of the Group's capabilities has led to further evolution and clarification of the business model.

ICT ('iOCO')

The ICT business has been successfully rebranded as iOCO. The following businesses have been launched under the iOCO umbrella and form the core of the business:



Under the new operating structure, the Group is well positioned to support client needs while balancing its portfolio diversity and focus.

Operating model

1 70% of Construction Computer Software (CCS) was sold to RIB Limited for an amount of R444 million as at 31 July 2019.