The EOH Youth Job Creation Initiative is an on-going learning curve for us at EOH, and each day we try and improve on our models structure and scalability to ensure that it impacts the lives of more young people who are unable to access the economy of SA.

At EOH, we want to share our learnings about work experience & job creation and talk about the importance of being responsible citizens of South Africa and embracing our role in creating opportunities within our workplaces for those that need it most.

We also realise that we cannot do it alone and therefore, we continue to challenge corporate South Africa to get involved.


2016 – EOH 702 Youth Job Creation Challenge


In July of 2016, EOH elected to partner with 702 and National Treasury to assist with spreading the message about the importance of work experience in creating jobs. The intent was to educate listeners and role-players of the economy, particularly CEO’s, about the importance of creating jobs for the unemployed youth of SA through the implementation of work experience models.  The response from all facets of South Africa was exceptional. The radio campaign reached more than 750, 000 active listeners and resulted in the generation of a database of over 300 large corporates and 750 SMME’s that showed an interest in participating in creating jobs using the EOH model.




The EOH Youth Job Creation Initiative has made noticeable strides since its inception in 2012. Initiated by our CEO, Asher Bohbot, the initiative is deeply entrenched in our business and has made a big impact in how we engage with our partners and customers.

Since 2012, over 35 000 learners and graduates have benefitted from the initiative, with 14 500 of them completing learnerships or internships. Of the individuals taken through the program, 83% have been placed in full-time employment, within EOH and our partner networks.


Learnships and Internships

Join EOH one of the leading technology and business solutions company! EOH Provides the technology, knowledge, skills and organisational ability critical to Africa’s development and growth.

EOH launched a Youth Job Creation Initiative two years ago aimed at stimulating youth job creation by interacting with its customers, business partners and Government.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has also endorsed the initiative in order to smooth young people’s transition from education and training into the labour market. In 2013 alone, EOH created over 1,500 job opportunities for the youth through this initiative.

Working together with its customers, business partners, and government. EOH wants to help by creating internships for 20,000 graduates and learnerships for 30,000 Matriculants.

How to apply

EOH believes that South Africa is short of skills, rather than short of jobs. If you would like to apply for a position for  learnership or internship, please APPLY HERE


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