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EOH Intelligent Infrastructure combines state-of-the-art technology and best practice to create smart, safe, healthy and secure environments.

Enabling infrastructure convergence the intelligent way

Today’s ICT infrastructure environment is complex. It spans the full converged networking spectrum, from structured cabling, fibre optic back-bones, business critical datacentres and energy management solutions to security, life safety, personnel movement, environmental and lighting control. Managing all of this presents a challenge to any organisation.

At EOH, we understand these challenges. We have the right skills and expertise to deliver practical intelligent infrastructure solutions.

From integrated and converged networks, to full turnkey datacentres, biometric identity management, energy control systems, building management, and intelligent green building design, our solutions are proven and world class.

Proven solutions to your challenges

Challenge 1: integrated networks

Conventional buildings are unable to communicate and intelligently manage or utilise the large amounts of data they generate.

Streaming building control and utility data into a shared network enables optimum management of facilities by connecting various silo systems and applications.
A converged network solution from EOH allows connectivity between diverse technology platforms resulting in benefits such as cost savings, process improvements in facility automation, and more efficient real estate management.

Challenge 2: integrated safety and security solutions

Employees expect their working environment to be safe and secure.

A well designed, implemented and managed integrated access control and time management solution is an integral part in the convergence of the security environment.
EOH delivers an immediate return on investment by designing your workforce management system effectively and by creating the initial platform for security technology integration.

Challenge 3: reliable datacentre infrastructure

The proliferation of network devices has resulted in an increased demand for secure and reliable datacentre infrastructure.

Companies often underestimate the challenges facing modern datacentres like increased heat and power requirements and optimum space planning. The correct design is crucial for an energy efficient datacentre with complete redundancy to various Tier levels. EOH designs, builds and maintains environmentally friendly datacentres that comply with international standards.

Challenge 4: energy cost management

Increasing energy demands and costs combined with constrained budgets present a major challenge for organisations.

By changing energy management practices and implementing solutions from EOH that build energy efficiency, users can dramatically reduce energy consumption. An intelligent building can monitor and control energy-intensive systems such as HVAC and lighting for optimum performance and predictive maintenance needs.

The benefits are reduced energy usage and ultimately lowering operating expenses.

Our products and partners

  • Fibre optic and copper solutions: ADC Krone, Systimax, Molex and RIT
  • Voice data solutions: Siemens, Phillips and Cisco
  • Air-conditioning solutions: Hiross Precision Cooling and Daikin
  • Uninterrupted power solutions: CompuPower and Umbane Systems
  • Generator solutions: Volvo and Caterpillar
  • Fire suppression solutions FM200 Chemical Gas and Scotch Water Mist
  • Building management solutions: Johnson Controls, Netbotz, Netshield and Stanley
  • Workforce management: BlueLine, S-QUBE and BESSuite
  • Access control & intruder detection: Morpho Biometric and TimeGenius
EOH Industrial Technologies Solutions
EOH Industrial Technologies Solutions

Today’s workspaces must be flexible and respond rapidly to the needs and demands of its users, while protecting investments and the environment in the long term. We deliver solutions across four segments

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