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EOH is offering accounting graduates a SAICA training contract with a Risk Management and Governance elective. This affords you the opportunity to achieve your Chartered Accountant qualification with a broad understanding of both an ICT business and finance. We established the programme to build a talent pipeline of professional CA(SA)s. This will also enable a diverse representation of middle and senior management levels once the graduates have qualified.

This is not just an internship, we’re committed to growing and developing each individual. When it comes to the unique SAICA requirements that govern the Chartered Accountant profession in South Africa, we offer on the job training, customised learning interventions and simulated learning initiatives, to ensure your wellbeing and development both personally and professionally.

Qualifications required:  

  • You should have obtained your Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTAs) and be eligible to write the board exam before commencement of the training programme.
  • No previous permanent work experience.

What’s in it for you?

  • EOH offers market related salaries and significant additional benefits. It is the intention the programme that EOH will seek to retain trainees in a permanent role once the programme is completed. This will be assessed based on each individual trainee’s performance, as well as business needs.
  • We offer full financial support for all qualifying exams (including board courses) and a dedicated learning and development team that is committed to helping you become the best Chartered Accountant you can be.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are innovative with a solution-oriented focus and have a passion for startups and technology  – then you’re the type of candidate we’re looking for.

Applications close on 15 October 2021.

Should you have any difficulty submitting your information, please send your applicant information to

We are no longer accepting applications for our CA programme.