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The COVID-19 pandemic has re-shaped our world and disrupted industries across the globe. This is an era where leaders in organisations need to adjust to the changing operational and strategic requirements of their businesses, including the way they produce products and deliver services, how they manage their day to day operations and how they create value.

Leaders now have new areas in their businesses to actively prioritise and manage: healthcare, remote working, staff morale and productivity as well as digital enablement.

With a diverse set of talent, technology, solutions and entrepreneurial thinking that touches on every aspect of an organisation including HR, finance, industrial technologies, human-centred design, medical and healthcare, infrastructure and digital enablement, EOH has capabilities across the group to provide holistic solutions.

We enter this new era with the mindset that anything can be solved with great people, collaborative partnerships and technology.

EOH Group CEO, Stephen Van Coller, discusses our solutions that will enable clients and partners for a new normal.


Challenges around workforce transformation and new remote ways of work which are key during the pandemic will become part of our future way of doing business. It is critical for business leaders to find solutions for remote workforce access, collaboration and connectivity that ensure that staff can work not only remotely, but securely. Although some organisations have some remote capabilities already enabled, these need to be rolled out at scale. Staff working remotely need to be high-performing, and EOH has the tools available to enable organisations to track individual and overall resource productivity as they work from home.


EOH has developed a range of solutions to support the public and private healthcare sector during and beyond COVID-19.


As businesses transition out of lockdown, leaders will be faced with questions relating to how to ensure that their people return to work safely and in line with government protocols. Leaders will need to consider factors such as workforce well-being, infection management and workplace management.


The Sikhona Platform has been developed to help companies manage the safe return to work of their staff and enable employers to make informed data-driven decisions that ensure that the right measures are taken to protect employees and help flatten the curve at each stage of our evolving response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Whether it is born out of the opportunity to progress or out of the need to address the fundamental reshaping of global economies, business leaders need to accelerate their organisations digital diversification and cost optimisation programmes for the long-term. Leaders now need to consider digital solutions, data, AI, automation and many other technologies in world of new normal and as they face a post COVID-19 world.

Bringing the power of a global digital education platform to South Africa

We will all emerge from COVID-19 lockdown as a different society. The last few months have clearly indicated that new our new "normal", fundamentally embracing digital technology, will be very different to the past. Education is among the many impacted areas that are transforming at a rapid pace.

EOH is commitment to help solve South Africa’s educational challenges by bringing a globally recognised digital education solution to the country. The solution, called iON, is end-to-end suite of digital education and assessment solutions. It is designed to provide a customised and cost-effective solution that can be deployed quickly to provide relevant and engaging digital learning content for learners, regardless of numbers.

As modern open flexible system, iON allows institutions to use its own content and content from top universities and digital learning content providers worldwide. It ensures seamless affordable yet high quality educational experience by educator and student.

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