IT Management & Optimisation


IT Management & Optimisation

Business applications need to be fast, reliable, always available and completely safe from external and internal threats, even when access devices, delivery methods and protocols change over time. IT management covers a range of disciplines and tools such as service desks, optimisation services and tools, monitoring and reporting, security systems and virtualisation.

The EOH approach

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Application delivery, management and monitoring, network monitoring, security and application optimisation tools and techniques evolve so quickly. Few organisations can keep up with what they need and what is available.

EOH specialists stay abreast of the latest technologies and vendor solutions across all disciplines. You can be assured that when you partner with us, you have access to the best solutions to fit your organisation at all times. Why have expensive, mission critical applications in your organisation if they are not performing optimally at all times, or are not secure from threats?


Applications that are too slow, unreliable and intermittently unavailable lead to poor user experience and resultant business losses.

Your business application puts your business at risk if your systems are not fully tested and secured; and if core business applications can be brought down or accessed by employees, clients and outsiders.


Ensuring applications are functioning correctly, always running fast, always available, always safe and always monitored and reported on, is much more than an option. For most businesses it’s a core requirement.

EOH IT Management and Optimisation ensures that business applications are performing optimally and securely under all circumstances, giving businesses peace of mind.

How we deliver on the value proposition

  • We ensure that applications perform appropriately and consistently across all platforms for optimum end user experience. We are experienced in IT performance management, optimisation and monitoring, security, alerting and application management and have the largest number of IT management experts in the country.
  • Together with industry-leading solutions and an extensive managed services offering, EOH is ideally suited to ensure application performance optimisation and business continuity of your IT infrastructure and applications.
  • Our solutions include leading edge application performance, high availability, security, network and WAN optimisation tools, as well as tools and expertise to monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure. To ensure continuity, we provide proactive alerting on business service impact. We perform a deep-dive analysis to pinpoint the root cause of issues, from complete outages to poor application responses.
  • To prevent the recurrence of issues, we provide recommended remediation solutions which could include pinpointing poor SQL code, making caching suggestions, doing layer-7 advanced load balancing and finding network problems.
  • We deploy leading edge incident and problem management solutions to ensure that incidents are handled in the most efficient manner. By incorporating asset management into our offering, we offer you a complete service.
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ITMNO Delivery Framework
How we support your business

Through the EOH design, build and run ITMNO delivery framework, we are able to Transform, Innovate, Assure, Optimize and Secure ITMNO processes, infrastructure, applications and users.

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