Transformational Outsourcing


Transformational Outsourcing

Business must leverage outsourcing as a competitive advantage. This will not only reduce operational costs but also drive best business performance. EOH Transformational Outsourcing is a combined offering of Infrastructure outsourcing, Application outsourcing, BPO and Managed Services – a one stop solution for your business requirements.

Transformational outsourcing aligns all levers of change

  • Product – do we have the right products?
  • Market – are we operating in the right market?
  • Processes – are our processes best in class?
  • IT – what applications and technology do we need?
  • Structural – how do we optimise structure?
  • People – how do we manage our people?

Our collaborative services ensure

We ensure a realistic transition from piecemeal, incremental, uncoordinated change to an outsourcing agenda that delivers a faster single process.

  • Maximum benefit for the initiated change
  • Deliver more than cost reductions
  • Align business and technology
  • Bring the best skills together across all business functions
Transformational Outsourcing Collaborative Services

EOH can help you achieve

  • Aligned strategy, architecture and business processes
  • Simplified governance and reduced management time
  • Increased operating scale
  • Reduced processes, risks and costs
  • Reduced delivery risk through simplified points of contact
  • Leverage across all ERP solutions and other technologies

EOH Transformational Outsourcing gives choices

EOH Transformational Outsourcing Strategy

The way we deliver

We combine knowledge, technology and experience in creating solutions to:

  • Manage users, their identities and access to enterprise information
  • Secure systems, devices and operating platforms from being exploited
  • Improve the resilience of information infrastructure and communication
  • Ensure availability and performance of applications and processes
  • Protect information and data wherever it resides
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of enterprise security programs
EOH Results Driven Approach

EOH delivers with a single offering

Our technology-agnostic and results-driven approach means we can ensure a realistic transition from piecemeal, incremental, uncoordinated change to an outsource agenda that delivers a faster, single process.