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EOH Managed Services

EOH Managed Services specialises in information and communication infrastructure outsourcing, offering our customers end-to-end management of their ICT platforms. Our service portfolio extends from Procurement to Disposal and includes all the IT Management and Support functions necessary to keep your business on track.

Whether you own your own equipment hosted on your premises or leverage EOH’s Cloud or Hosted Service options, EOH Managed Services will provide your One-Stop outsourcing solution.

We free you to focus on your core business

Regulatory pressures and increasingly competitive markets are driving organisations to find more efficient ways to get the job done. Many organisations are embracing new operating models using external shared services and outsourcing as a means to gain greater operational flexibility and to maximise efficiency across their ICT domain.

With the advent of highly flexible and virtualised systems, the ascendance of Cloud computing and the proliferation of consumerised IT devices, businesses are increasingly leveraging specialist ICT Service Providers to exploit these disruptive technology trends.

At EOH Managed Services we design, build, deploy, optimise, manage and support networked ICT systems and infrastructure for our customers, allowing them to focus on driving business value while we take care of the underlying platforms.

Key to EOH’s outsourcing philosophy is the understanding that real value is delivered through continuous improvement, innovation and thought leadership.  We see outsourcing as a means by which our customers gain an extended IT competency rather than simply off-loading an IT problem.

EOH delivers efficiency improvements by taking over repeatable or commodity type services and infrastructure, applying process improvements, automating and sharing smart resources to optimise performance and reduce costs.   We work closely with customers to build fit-for-purpose solutions that ensure your business services are always available and configured for peak business capacity at all times.


EOH Managed Services provides an end-to-end suite of information technology infrastructure services deployed in support of our customer’s business success.

Our services are broadly divided into 5 major service towers.

  • Service Management Services
  • End User Computing Services
  • Data Centre Services
  • Security Services
  • Networking Services
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Benefits to organisations

Our managed services offerings are designed to maximise efficiency over the medium term through process improvements and alignment with globally accepted best practices.

Our customer centric approach safeguards the availability and capacity of key business services to ensure that your business productivity is not negatively impacted by IT.

Our model ensures we make on-going, long-term and strategic investments in our service operation, thereby benefiting our clients through medium-term cost reductions and service quality improvements.

The EOH Managed Services offering is flexible - allowing us to craft a solution that meets your exact needs.

EOH Managed Services and Solutions
Our services & solutions

EOH Managed Services provides an end-to-end suite of information technology infrastructure services deployed in support of our customer’s business success. To find out more about these services, please click below:

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