In the current corporate climate, companies need to explore innovative human capital management strategies and adapt existing practices to employ effective processes. All this to maintain healthy, wealthy and productive employees that will ensure the business is functioning at its most efficient, effective and profitable level.

We understand the pain our clients feel with having to manage and maintain tedious human capital administration tasks and adapt to constantly changing regulatory requirements, and how this can cause them to lose focus of their core business functions.

As one of the largest HR, consulting psychology and remuneration divisions in the country, EOH Human Capital aims to work with your business to create a sustainable and high performance organisation. Through our technologies and best practice methodologies, we are able to provide organisations with tailor-made solutions to help them anticipate and solve even their most complex human capital challenges.

The EOH Human Capital division is accomplished in all areas of HR and boasts extensive experience in owning, administering and managing both generalist and specialist human resource functions.

EOH Human Capital service offerings include:

  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Remuneration Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Health and Wellness
  • Employee Development
  • Employer Legal Services


Within these fields, we proudly boast over 70 HR consultants – of which 16 are registered industrial psychologists – four dedicated labour law specialists, 229 health professionals and 880 active registered nurses.

Addressing unemployment

EOH has also accepted responsibility to address the high levels of unemployment in South Africa with key focus areas being:

  • Internships and training programmes
  • Repatriation of jobs off-shored to other countries
  • A close relationship with government to mobilise businesses to take advantage of government incentive schemes for job creation
  • Encouraging businesses to invest more in SA 
Human Capital solutions

Better management of your employee life cycle and developing appropriate workforce strategies, will positively contribute to your business success and growth. Our platforms interface and integrate seamlessly with all major ERP systems, which will further drive optimum performance.

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