Cloud Services

EOH Cloud contains a blend of solutions allowing your business to bridge the gaps between IT challenges and business drivers – putting you in control and enabling you to unshackle your business’s potential.

EOH Managed Cloud Services

EOH Cloud Services give you flexibility and agility to meet your changing business requirements. They can reduce complexity and optimise your infrastructure. You can securely manage your systems, data, applications and services – without having to do it all in-house.

Your cloud investment is always working as close to ideal return as possible: you’ll never be over-provisioned or under-provisioned. You get improved business efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness. So you can concentrate on customer service.

EOH Managed Hosted Cloud Services

We provide outsourced cloud infrastructure as a fully managed service. You choose how you want to configure your infrastructure, what platforms you want it to run on, and what software you want to run on it.

 You may have invested in infrastructure and hardware and want to continue using them. Or you may not want to use an off-site outsourced cloud infrastructure.

EOH Cloud Services are completely agnostic. You choose the infrastructure you want and the software systems on it. This allows you to expand while retaining your legacy systems – there’s no need for expensive migrations and new software systems. You can carry on using whatever you have at the moment.

Or you can have the best of both worlds...

A hybrid combination of both, linking them seamlessly together.

A hybrid cloud solution eliminates many cloud challenges. You can retain your existing infrastructure and legacy systems as a private cloud, integrated with a broader cloud infrastructure, with full redundancy and backup capabilities.

Workload migration enables seamless migration for better capacity utilisation. Workloads and data can move freely between your private and hosted clouds. You can run some of your business systems in your managed hosted cloud and others in your managed private cloud.

Business partners can have limited access to your hosted cloud to run campaigns, without access to your private cloud. Cloud bursting abilities allow you to have infrastructure on demand. You can expand and reduce it as you like, without wasting infrastructure or resources. To test new systems or applications, you can provision them in a hosted cloud – no need to invest in your own infrastructure just to run these tests.

A hybrid cloud solution offers cost control, capacity and provisioning speed, while maintaining the security and governance you require for compliance and protection of sensitive information.

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EOH Cloud Services

As the foremost provider of cloud solutions through a fully managed, end-to-end, hybrid cloud infrastructure, EOH offers customers a cloud solution where you have complete control over infrastructure, enterprise systems and software.

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