Business Process Outsourcing


EOH Business Process Outsourcing

EOH Business Process Outsourcing takes care of your non-core business processes, thereby allowing your team to focus on your company’s business goals and strategy. Our economies of scale will give your company immediate access to expert insight, proven methodologies and best practices, and leading technologies at a fraction of the cost.

In an environment where there is increased focus on costs, compliance and service delivery, EOH’s knowledge-based business process outsourcing services allow you to achieve efficiency and cost saving on non-core business processes. At the same time our strategic ability, operational capacity, specialist skills and enabling technologies will help your company achieve optimum performance. EOH BPO works in four functional areas:

Human Capital:

A cost-effective alternative to managing important HR functions in-house. Better management of your employee life cycle from recruitment to development to termination, and developing appropriate workforce strategies, will positively contribute to your business success and growth. Our expertise is in Organisational Design and Development, Staffing Solutions, Remuneration Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Health and Wellness, Employee Development, and Employer Legal Services. In addition, our platforms interface and integrate seamlessly with all major ERP systems, which will further drive optimum performance.


The health sector is in need of a partner that knows how to deploy expertise and innovative technology towards sustainable, affordable and quality care. EOH Health speaks the language of improving healthcare delivery fluently. It draws on the consulting, technology and outsourcing competencies within the broader EOH Group to strengthen and enhance health systems delivery. It is this cross-pollination between EOH’s different divisions that sets us apart from other service providers – we hand-pick and bundle our services and technologies in such a way to achieve maximum outcomes for every single client we work with. EOH Health specialises in the following key areas: Benefit Risk Management; Informatics (BI); Service Provider Contracting; Health Sector Customer Relationship Outsourcing; Health Management ICT; Medico-Legal Services; Advisory; and HR (Workplace Health and Wellness).

Legal Services:

Take the risk out of the fine print. Our team of legal professionals has over 50 years of experience, making us well equipped to understand your unique business needs and guide you where needed. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, Commercial Legal Services; Translation Services; Environmental Services; Transcription Services; GRCTS; Financial Services; Company Secretarial Services; and Training and Development.

Customer Service Outsourcing:

We specialise in customer engagement and retention. We offer contact centre facilities with inbound and outbound functionality, a 24/7 disaster recovery site which guarantees 100% uptime, agents who speak and correspond in South Africa’s 11 official languages and a pick-up time of less than 6 seconds. In addition, CSO designs, plans and executes highly personalised marketing, information seeking and educational campaigns to facilitate the dialogue between you and your clients. Our list of services include: Reconciliation and Interface Outsourcing; Logistics; Contact Centres; Business Continuity; and Data Management.

Why Choose EOH?

  • One strategy.
  • One service provider.
  • One contract.
  • One implementation plan.
  • One account manager.
  • And one report.


EOH Health Solutions

EOH Health specialises in providing medical schemes with insurance benefit and risk management services within the hospital, dental and primary care segments, as well as offering a comprehensive range of workplace health, wellness and medical broking services.

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EOH Legal Solutions
Legal Services 

EOH Legal Services employs a host of highly trained and experienced professionals who can manage legal work, systems and processes. From basic administrative tasks to full support in litigation or advice on mergers and proposed transactions, our legal team carries over 50 years of experience.

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EOH Customer Service Outsourcing
Customer Service Outsourcing 

We offer a 24/7 disaster recovery site which guarantees 100% uptime, as well as contact centre facilities with inbound and outbound functionalities. In addition, we design, plan and execute marketing, research and educational campaigns to facilitate the communication between you and your customers.

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Human Capital Solutions
Human Capital 

EOH Human Capital works with your business to create a sustainable, high performance organisation. The division is accomplished in all areas of HR and boasts extensive experience in owning, administering and managing both generalist and specialist human resource functions.

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