EOH’s consulting capability extends beyond traditional business knowledge services. With our insight into future business trends and drivers along with the enabling features needed to support them, EOH has assimilated the most extensive consulting skills sets and capabilities in South Africa to deliver end to end knowledge services to the key sectors we operate in.

Because all roads lead to technology, and technology enables all business functions, EOH Consulting can extend its knowledge services beyond pure management consulting and serve as a trusted advisor throughout the enterprise’s growth. Providing technology-agnostic business advice, EOH Consulting is also able to deliver practical, actionable and tangible business and technology knowledge services from inception to implementation.

With a “vertical” focus on telecoms, mining, manufacturing and financial services, EOH Consulting has developed “horizontal” Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and where these intersect we have developed industry and subject area-specific Value Propositions for our clients. These have been proven over the years and we have many references that can attest to our capabilities. Our Consulting Centres of Excellence focus on the following:

  • Strategy  and operations
  • Information management and analytics
  • Information risk management 
  • Process improvement
  • People change management
  • Programme and project management and PMOs
  • ICT architecture and optimisation
  • Digital


Within their area of focus, our CoEs offer support to EOH’s lines of business and industries, either through professional services, or by providing subject matter experts.

Shared Learning

Training, skill assessments, and knowledge-share events are all ways in which our CoEs encourage shared learning.


The CoEs are able to demonstrate that they are delivering the valued results that justified their creation through the use of output metrics.


Our CoEs are not dictatorships or gatekeepers but are enablers, arbitrators, and motivators in order to align common standards, policies and methodologies, enforce a consistent architecture and uniform approach, and develop and enable well defined roles and responsibilities for team members.

Our CoE capabilities:

Subject Matter Expertise: Our consultants are experts in their fields.
Research and IP: We invest in building our body of knowledge.
Methodology: We package practical project approaches.
Referenceability: We have solid projects at well-known clients.

Traditional Business Knowledge Services
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