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In line with global trends, South African telecommunications service providers are moving to drive revenue through more efficient operations and innovative new service offerings.

EOH’s Telecommunications division has been supporting SA’s telecoms giants virtually since inception. Delivering the full spectrum of EOH’s consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions and services to telecommunications customers, EOH’s Telecommunications division understands the business of telecommunications like no other IT company does.

EOH has the ability to be a strategic partner, and not just a supplier or solutions provider. No other company has the breadth of IT solutions and expertise EOH can draw on, to support telecommunications service providers’ business in line with their individual strategies. EOH partners with leading telcos to help improve their own businesses, offer new solutions and services to their customers, and transition them to new ways of doing business.

While EOH has among its telecoms clients all of South Africa’s key players, we also deliver our world class services to Tier 2 service providers and ISPs, allowing even mid-sized and smaller players to compete on an equal footing. 

We provide all telcos with a better entrance to the next big customer segment – the SME – through:

  • Automation  
  • Cloud-based applications
  • BI layers
  • Cross-spectrum solutions

In this sector, our expert telecommunications industry consultants find IT optimisation, enterprise applications and information management are of key importance in adding value to the business.

EOH has extensive expertise in areas telcos are beginning to look to – including:

  • Cloud services
  • Self-service
  • Big Data analytics

Our strategic partnership model enables telcos to innovate and deliver on their strategic vision, adding value to their bottom line.

EOH IT Infrastructure
Focus on your core business

By providing managed services on their IT Infrastructure, enterprise and billing and provisioning systems, EOH gives telcos the freedom to refocus their efforts on what they do best, while saving costs, increasing agility and flexibility, and advancing operational effectiveness. Please contact us for more information:

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EOH Digital
EOH Digital

Improve your service delivery with Self Service portals that include electronic bill presentation, service provisioning and master data management, web and customer experience design, social media strategy design and execution.

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