EOH Retail

Since the global downturn, South African retailers have fared better than their international peers in many regards, however there are vast opportunities to increase revenues and market share through more efficient operations and innovative new service offerings. By partnering with EOH, you can free your organisation to focus on the core business of retail, while we focus on the business of IT.

Today customers are demanding a personalised and consistent experience that hinges on better value, better service and greater convenience. This is in an environment where growth and profitability remain harder to achieve as a consequence of stiffer market competition and lower consumer spend.

EOH offers world-class solutions that service all areas of the retail value chain and that can help your organisation gain a meaningful advantage in the marketplace.

Focus on your core business

By providing managed services on your IT Infrastructure, enterprise applications (ERP, logistics, supply chain, stock, finance, HR, fleet management, POS etc.) and billing and provisioning systems, EOH gives retailers the freedom to refocus their efforts on what they do best, while saving costs, increasing agility and flexibility, and advancing operational effectiveness.

Connect with your customers

EOH offers market leading digital solutions to retailers that will enable you to connect better with your customers and respond wisely to the increased internet adoption by the market. By consolidating customer interactions from stores (including turn-by-turn navigation), online and mobile channels with insight from social media feedback such as Twitter or Facebook posts, EOH is able to assist with optimized branding, marketing, promotions, pricing, merchandising, inventory management processes.

Efficient Retail Operations
Big Data

Unlock the potential of massive amounts of data and make the transition from insight to action by using our industry understanding and best practise to identify the right data and apply the right analytics for your organisation.

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Digital Marketing Strategy
EOH Digital

Connect better with your customers with a digital marketing strategy and a suite of solutions that allow for an integrated, uniform and intelligent approach to digital marketing and customer experience management.

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