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Through our combination of state of the art solutions and high level skills, we are able to enhance service delivery through on-going innovation – such as mobile solutions, self-service and Big Data analytics customised for local government use.

The public sector in South Africa faces many challenges including a lack of capacity and trying to balance service delivery with difficult global economic conditions. This is forcing both public and private sector organisations to refocus spending priorities to maximise efficiencies.

Public sector departments are looking for companies who can partner with them to meet their specific needs and can assist them address the service delivery areas required to empower the people and communities of South Africa.

EOH understands this and has the skills and experience to provide enhanced managed services operations and application practices to the public sector. It uses experienced people in their fields and has a proven track record of successful implementations spanning a variety of public sector departments, many of whom have been clients for several years.
EOH has a long history in working closely with the public sector on all levels. Whether it is assisting the Central Government or Provincial Government, the Local Government or State-Owned Enterprises, EOH is in a unique position to meet the specific demands of the public sector.

EOH has been helping South Africa’s major metropolitan municipalities for a considerable period of time to improve and innovate in their service delivery. With a mandate to provide services such as running water, electricity, clean parks and roads to citizens, many local authorities are challenged on their ability to deliver, due to poor billing and revenue collection.

The specialist team at EOH can offer a variety of solutions that include infrastructure, consulting, business process outsourcing, and enterprise applications.

Through its combination of state-of-the-art solutions, national foot print and high level skills, the company is able to enhance service delivery through ongoing innovation – such as mobile solutions, self-service, and Big Data analytics customised for public sector use.


Partner-Led Public Sectore Approach
Partner-led public sector approach

The public sector has many unique requirements that set it apart from other industry sectors. EOH understands these and is committed to be a partner that adds value to government in helping it meet the needs of the citizens of the country.

Integrating Skills for the Public Sector
Integrating skills for the public sector

The public sector needs the skills of more than just a traditional ICT solutions provider. It does not want to use off-the-shelf software and services but ones that are customised for its specific needs. EOH does just that. It provides the public sector with custom solutions that incorporate its extensive knowledge, skills, and organisational abilities.