Financial Services

EOH Financial Services

Customer centricity and technology disruption are 2 key opportunities for banking and insurance organisations. Our approach of combining business and risk management experience, technology expertise and deep customer insights allows us to deliver purposeful innovation and on-going value.

User Experience Design

As digital technology continues to change customers’ needs and behaviours, user experience is fast replacing performance as a point of sustainable differentiation and value.

Our deep experience in the areas of digital channel development and user experience design makes us uniquely suited to the task of working with organisations to reach solutions that will deliver value to customers.

Programme and Project Management

We help organisations establish effective programme and project management structures and processes aligned with company culture, risk appetite and delivery demands. Our clients can expect independent assurance that their programme and project management activities are well executed. Our consultants focus on employing structured programme and project management methodologies while maintaining a degree of flexibility and adaptability to ensure the successful delivery and integration of new solutions and initiatives into the business. 


Through economic uncertainty and fierce competition we help leading financial services companies develop, build, operate and improve strategies that deliver sustained shareholder value. Our “outside-in” approach identifies strategic insights by understanding current and future priorities. We leverage best practices and industry expertise to deliver breakthrough solutions.

Technology and Integration Solutions

From core banking transformations to enterprise applications and integration solutions, we help some of Africa’s largest financial institutions to reach and maintain high performance. Our consultants and architects do the work to understand the business while still being able to delve into nitty-gritty technology issues.

Business Operations

With wide ranging expertise and awareness of industry “best practices”, we focus on the development of tools and processes to support sustainable business improvement. From research and analysis to maintenance strategy we give effective recommendations on increasing efficiencies and effectiveness within the business.

Organisation Design and Change Management

We focus on helping organisations with both transformational (soft) change as well as project (hard) change. In both areas we apply an approach which addresses stakeholder management, job design, leadership engagement, communication, as well as training and development.  Each of these pillars are managed using specific tools and techniques that are used to enable the change through the lifecycle of a project or transformational journey.

EOH Consulting and Financial Services

EOH Consulting

With our insight into future business trends and drivers along with the enabling features needed to support them, EOH has assimilated the most extensive consulting skills sets and capabilities in South Africa to deliver end to end knowledge services to the key sectors we operate in.

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